Pacific Crest Trail

We met in 2013, hiking that long trail from Mexico to Canada.

This video gives you a glimpse of our 6 months in the woods.

Visit Gear Talk to get an idea of what we like when we hike.

Read our Love Story for  the cheesy, sappy lovey-dovey side of the trail.

Outburst’s trail journal:
I’m pretty sure it will all be okay: 186 days in the woods


4 thoughts on “Pacific Crest Trail”

  1. Love this! I am a trail angel in Washington state for the PCT. My hiking club and I love doing magic up on Chinook Pass. We were there a lot this summer and met so many wonderful thru hikers. Please let me know when you plan to be through WA this year. Would love to pop you both some magic! xox Happy Tutu

    1. Johnny walker black Wow, what’s up man! Yes, so cool they did that story on me… The march to the triple crown next year, stoked! Hope all is well happy and healthy for ya dude!!! Happy trails

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